Thank You Card Testimonials

Resident Testimonials

It is a wonderful experience to live here at Sacred Heart Home. The attention given to one's medical, social and spiritual needs is exceptional! I couldn't ask for anything more to make this place my home.
- Iris A. Weaver, Resident

Very delightful place to be – very clean – love that we have Mass every day – love all the beautiful hymns that are sung during the Mass. I feel safe because the staff is so kind and caring.
Stella Tobin, Resident

Having been a volunteer for over 40 years helping people in various nursing homes in the Washington, DC area, I can state that I have never seen a nursing home that can compare with Sacred Heart Home. It is truly a Real Home away from home.
Br. Jonathan Daneski, Resident

Sacred Heart Home is a great place to be where all my needs are met by loving Sisters and lay staff. The one thing in particular that means a great deal to be is the availability of daily Mass.
Brother Alexis, Resident

I have been a resident of Sacred Heart Home for nearly 13 years. This is my home. The staff is all very good to me. There are a lot of activities. I enjoy being able to go to Mass.
Elvira Dunay, Resident

Sacred Heart Home is a nice place to live. The staff treats me well. I enjoy going to activities. Most of the food is very good. I enjoy the church services. I feel safe when I go to bed at night. The staff has become my family.
Fannie Cherry, Resident

Family/Visitor Testimonials

Mrs. H. often spoke to me about the good care, kindness, and loving, thoughtful attention she received during her stay at Sacred Heart. In my several visits of the Home, I was also impressed by the atmosphere of the Home, and the quality of care residents receive. Mrs. H's. family and friends are very grateful to you for that.
S. Oliva

Although it has been 6 years since my mother died, I continue to have wonderful memories of my mother's residence with you and Sacred Heart. Thank you for being a place where my mother, and others, were loved and lived with dignity.
M. Moncavage

As usual, I called my mother today. She is so happy with all of you. Mother told me that you had stopped in to see her and told her that Sacred Heart is her new home. These words were very comforting to her and to all of us, her children. As you remember, I was apprehensive about her choice. I now know that I was wrong. She loves her new home. Thank you for caring so well for Mom. I and my siblings rest easier now.
R. W.

Just wanted to let you know that the loving care you give remains. It stays alive in the memory of the children of those you care for. Even though my mother died 3 years ago, I still think of my visits up there. It is a fun place. Mom was always dressed, with her hair combed. The staff was always up. Wanted to thank you again.

Dear Sister D., I would like to share this letter I wrote to my family after my visit with mother on Friday. Please know how much you and your Sisters through the care of your staff, have contributed to Mother’s peace, happiness and acceptance of her condition in the last years of her life. She is truly thankful for every day.

Hi, Don, Stephanie, David and Joan,
I wanted to let you know of the beautiful interaction I had with Mother and her staff this morning. As I arrived, an aide was feeding Mother, which I took over, putting on her headset. She told me happily that she had had a wonderful shower this morning and ate as much as she could. Since the door was closed so that she could hear me better, about three nurses and aides put their heads in to check that she was all right and then saw me. Another aide came in with laundry, and the medicine nurse came after breakfast with her cart full of meds and protein drink.
We continued visiting and Mother remembered happy things about all our families, asking questions and wanting to know about each of our children. She is especially at peace knowing that before her health failed completely, she had written long letters to the family telling them of her happy memories and love. She sang me a song from her childhood. The morning sun was steaming in the window from behind the chapel which Mother's room overlooks. I could hear the Sisters singing at the community mass for the residents, and though mother can not hear them, she knows they are always there. We were interrupted only by a nurse and aide who came in to reposition Mother more on her side on her new air mattress, which she tolerated well as soon as she got back on her headset. Her aide came back with a Mighty Shake, which was sugar-free and full of vitamins. As I left, we said goodbye again and my two hour visit came to a close. The doors to the rooms always stay open and mother said "it is more beautiful that way".
Thank you each for your messages of support and encouragement.
With love, Mother and Abigail

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Employee Testimonials

Working as the Receptionist at Sacred Heart Home means a lot to me. Although I am getting ready to retire I feel that I will continue to be part of the family and will miss everyone. I have met many kind and loving people, including the residents' families and friends.
Apart from being diligent and hard working, there are times when we have a lot of fun with the residents and employees. The experience gained here will carry me throughout my life.
Pearl B. Spencer, Receptionist

Being employed at Sacred Heart Home for the past seven years has changed my life tremendously as a Nursing Assistant and as a person. I have learned to be patient and to respect the privacy, and also to understand the residents' input and this allows me to have a loving heart and caring hands toward my resident. Taking care of the resident is a great work of heart and that's one of my greatest goals. As an employee here it means to me that caring makes a big difference.
Maxine Page, Nursing Assistant

Sacred heart Home is a wonderful place to work, and if you no longer can care for your loved ones I recommend Sacred Heart Home. It will feel like home.
Andrea Kabo, Part-Time Receptionist


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